Friday, September 15, 2023

 Sept. 18-22

Quote of the Week: "Broken crayons still color"


Monday 18-

Monday Morning Meeting

1 point perspective art assignment

    -SHOW ME


Tuesday 19-


Wednesday 20-


Thursday 21-

Friday 22-

Friday, September 8, 2023

 Sept. 11-15

Quote of the Week: "Sometimes, the place where you are used to is not the place where you will grow."                                                           

Monday 11-

Monday Morning Meeting


Monday 9/11: USA Day - wear red, white, and blue
Tuesday: Favorite Holiday - dress in things that represent your favorite holiday
Wednesday: Favorite celebrity or athlete
Thursday: Mismatch Day
Friday: Freaky Friday - students dress like faculty, faculty dress like students

-Color Wheel Eye

    Eyelash Tutorial

Tuesday 12-

For those who are finished ONLY: Bob Ross Bingo

Wednesday 13-

Grade yourself on your Realistic Eye Project

Space: One Point Perspective

Thursday 14-

Lockdown Drill:
When you hear the recorded announcement for a lockdown, do the following:
-Immediately lock your door (pull the magnet) - glance in the hall before you lock your door and pull in any students in the hall that are close to your room
-Turn all lights off
-Pull down any paper you have to block your windows
-Move students to a location out of sight of the door and windows
-Students are to stay quiet during any lockdown situation
-The drill will end with your room being cleared by someone from the front office - one of us will physically unlock your door and enter the room to give the all clear. 
-Do not open the door at any time. 

Friday 15-

Friday, September 1, 2023

 Sept. 5-8

Quote of the Week: "If you're making MISTAKES it means YOU'RE OUT THERE DOING SOMETHING"

                                                                -Neil Gaiman                                                               

Monday 4-

Labor Day: NO SCHOOL :)

Tuesday 5-

-Tuesday Morning Meeting

-Color Theory

Wednesday 6-

-Color Wheel Eye

Thursday 7-

Friday 8-

Friday, August 25, 2023


August 28-Sept 1

Quote of the Week: "Every child is an ARTIST. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up"

                                                                -Pablo Picasso                                                               

Monday 28-

-Monday Morning Meeting

-7 Elements Foldable was due on Friday. Make sure they are turned in!

-Pizza Box Portfolio


Tuesday 29-

-Pizza Box Portfolio

Wednesday 30-

-Pizza Box Portfolio

Thursday 31-

Friday 1-

Friday, August 18, 2023

August 21-25

Quote of the Week:  "Poboodies nerfect."

                                                                    -Elenore Shelstrop                                                                

Monday 21-

Monday Morning Meeting:

-What's Good?

-Quote of the week

-Review the week

Elements of Art


Tuesday 22

Elements of Art


Wednesday 23

*Review emergency procedures*

Elements of Art


Thursday 24

Friday 25

Friday, August 11, 2023

August 15-18


Tuesday 15-

Have You Ever?

Welcome to Art! 

6th Period: (Gets out at 1:37) Chromebooks

-After you have been assigned your chromebook,

        -log in, then open your email from Cheryl Cozzns

        -fill out the form

-Sleeves stay with you, don't lose them!

-Be careful with your chromebooks, you are responsible for damage

-Please Sign and return your technology form for tomorrow

Homeroom: Time Capsule

Wednesday 16-

-Disclosure (treat when you bring it back signed)

-Drawing Pre Test (Who are you-fast finishers) 

Who are you?

Homeroom: Time Capsule (Activities Committee nominations)

Thursday 17-

Do you have your disclosure?

Happy, Happy Birthday!

    -All summer and August birthdays!

-Bookmark my Teacher Webpage!

    Log in to Schoology and click on the link provided


    -Materials: I will give you what you need (table totes) DO NOT get into the materials without asking

    -Line up before entering the classroom

    -When I am talking, it needs to be silent

    -Bathroom pass: Use it between classses! Ask first, if both passes are gone, you need to wait until one comes back

    -Clean up: Listen for the clean up bell.  If the room is dirty, all students stay until it is clean

    -What do I do if I finish early: Fast Finisher items

-Please put the finishing touches on your -Drawing Pre Test



Friday 18-

Blooket: Elements of Art

Friday, May 19, 2023

 May 15-19

Quote of the week: "Have a great summer and stay creative!"

                                                                                -Mrs. Hunt


 Monday 22-

 -Monday Morning Meeting

    -Good News Minute

    -Quote of the week

End of the Year Procedures

FIRST PERIOD: Receive check out sheet

6th PERIOD: Collect check out sheets

Blooket: 7 Elements of Art

Tuesday 23-


 Wednesday 24-



Thursday 25-



Monday, May 15, 2023

 May 15-19

Quote of the week: " SUMMER: When the days get longer, the stars shine brighter, your hair gets lighter, the water gets warmer, the music gets louder and life gets better"


 Monday 15-

 -Monday Morning Meeting

    -Good News Minute

    -Quote of the week

Grade Your Weave

Friendship Bracelets! 


Tuesday 16-

 Wednesday 17-

    -Click the Link
    -Make a Copy
    -Follow Instructions

Thursday 18-

FriYAY 19-

Final Art test


Friday, May 5, 2023

 May 8-10

Quote of the week: "Life doesn't  require that we be the best, only that we try our best "

                                                                -H. Jackson Brown Jr.


Monday 8-

 -Monday Morning Meeting

    -Good News Minute

    -Quote of the week

Paper Weaving

Final Project Proposal

Tuesday 9-

You need to have your article of clothing by tomorrow

Wednesday 10-

Hang up Notan Squares

You need to have your article of clothing by tomorrow
Fina Project Proposal must be in by tomorrow or you may not have what you need to finish

Hang up Name Art in trophy case

Thursday 11-

Practice folding and tying (rubber band) your shirt/article to be Tie Dyed

FriYAY 12-

Paper Weaving Finish your paper weave FIRST. If finished, you may play blooket

HONORS: Please make sure you have your Tie Dye ready and in your plastic bag before you start!

Friday, April 28, 2023

May 1-5

Quote of the week: " Knowledge isn't free, you have to pay attention."

                                                                -Richard P. Frenman


Monday 1-

 -Monday Morning Meeting

    -Good News Minute

    -Quote of the week

-Hold on to your exploding Boxes. We will grade them when I get back

-Art Show submissions must be to me by Wednesday WITH a ticket filled out and tapped to the back

-Notan Squares

Tuesday 2-

Wednesday 3-

Thursday 4-


Grade Exploding Boxes

FriYAY 5-

-Notan Squares  Due today

Friday, April 21, 2023

 April 24-28

Quote of the week: "I'm proud of you for the times you came in second, or third, or fourth, but what you did was the best you have ever done."

                                                                        -Fred Rogers


Monday 24-

 -Monday Morning Meeting

    -Good News Minute

    -Quote of the week

-3D Line: Op Art Cubes Grade and Hand in. Hang up Sugar Skulls

-Honors: TEACHER APPRECIATION Finish today

Tuesday 25-

Wednesday 26-


Thursday 27-

FriYAY 28-


 Sept. 18-22 Quote of the Week:  "Broken crayons still color"                                             Monday 18- Monday Mornin...